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Celebrating OLOYE OLAJUMOKE AKINJIDE, Former Minister of State FCT .
“What is good in general is what promotes human interests”- Wirendu
It’s her strongest desire to put OYO state in the epicenter of Nigeria map. Her commitment to the welfare of the people of OYO State as a  Minister of State, I dare say, will take a long time to be equalled, am not even talking now of when it will be surpassed.  One thing that can’t be contended is the fact that Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide does not believe in working to impress anyone, the thing of special value, she always say, is in the light of the gem rather than the eyes of the beholder.  Give it to her anytime,  she put the interest of the people of OYO state in the front burner, even though often times she makes no heavy weather of her accomplishments. 
When she was a Minister,  the only way anyone could get a pass mark from her was carrying out any assignment that bothered on the improvement of the welfare of the people of OYO state without leaving any margin for error. Sometimes, she can be a stickler to the ethical philosophy of situationism: her attitude being stimulated by the situation she finds herself.   An example of her unquenchable flame of affection for the people of OYO state may suffice here, even though in my kitty,  I have a hundreds of such memories which may be a story for another day. 
In 2012 FCT Hajj operation, Oloye, as we fondly call her, put out all stops to ensure that FCT contigents got the best treatment compared to any other state of the federation.  In her usual practice , she ensured that adequate arrangements was made for the provisions of not only the best hotels for the pilgrims in Saudi Arabia but that  they were  contiguous to the Holy Haram.  
She was apparently in upbeat mood and had scored the officials high for the year on shore operations until the news broke out to her that about 300 intending pilgrims could not obtain visa due to the problem of “Muharam ” – the new order  by Saudi Arabian  Authority that each female intending pilgrims was to be accompanied by either a spouse or a close relation. The order   came like a rude shock when the preparations were nearly concluded and we never reckoned they would be so serious about it.    So distraught was she over the hard- luck news that she immediately summouned the Director in charge of FCT Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board to confirm the verity of the story and requested for details including the back end of the operation. She was staunchly unimpressed by unctuous response from the Director. 
She was particularly irked to the marrow to hear that a few among the intending pilgrims she sponsored from OYO state were also affected.  Pronto, she put a call to me  to explain why I could not prevent such untoward development.  She hollered,  “keeeeny ngbo,  awon eniyan wa lati OYo state naa wa lara awon ti ko ri visa”?  ( Kenny, is it true that our intending pilgrims from OYo state were among those who couldn’t obtain Visa?) She was livid with rage and my douchy defence that almost other states of the federation were affected fell off her hearing.  She told me without mincing words that I should ensure that all the affected from OYo state be considered on the first list the following year. 
On Saturday 21 October 2012 , when the last airlift of pilgrims was leaving ,  she was at the airport  to bid  us well farewell  and  in an emotion laden  tone told me that she would have been happier, if no intending pilgrims from OYO state was left behind.
To God be the glory, the Hajj was highly successful and  those affected  ultimately performed their hajj in 2013 inspite all odds.
When I think of this story and others that  unbowell how passionate Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide takes any matter concerning OYO state,  I always consider the citizens of the state lucky to have a caring politician like her who believes that no barrier can be too tough to be  left unbroken to satisfy her people.  No wonder she is called “the people ‘s champion”. 
Please join me in wishing this wonderful woman a Happy Birthday . Age with grace our own “iya yeye of Ona Ara land.
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