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One of the top traits which marks Princess Aderonke Adedoja out is her will-power to get things done without much supervision. she surprisingly combines this with humility of a lamb. She is what Donna Wilson, an American psychologist refers as a Princess with a balanced outlook.

If you ask, she has every reason to be haughty if she chose to. One, She is a combination of nature and nurture, she is equally blessed with ravishing beauty befitting a princess and elegant with a down to earth attitude. Moreover she doesn’t settle for the less, always fighting for what she deserves.

Her educational background is stunning. She is a product of  Morehead State University, Morehead,
KY where she had her M.A. in Mass Communications.

She also attended Southern Nazarene
University, Bethany, Oklahoma. She also bagged B.A.in Mass Communications/International relations from Northern Oklahoma College, Tonkawa, OK.USA.

One day, I called her a proud princess, been the common lingo to decorate a princess. Her response shocked me she asked “how can a mortal be proud of having incapacity to alter any situation? “Whatever you are blessed with is ephemeral, only Almighty God , the owner of destiny is the final arbiter.”

Since then, I picked some senses in her moral ethics and I refer to her as humble prinncess that is not prinkly. That’s exactly what she is.

A princess, they say, is not one until she believes she is one. At any function you don’t need to be told before you identify her as a Princess. Her politics, human relations, all smacs of a worthy princess.

Today, the humble Princess Aderonke Adedoja is a year older, let’s all celebrate her. Happy birthday!



Isiaka Kehinde writes from Ibadan