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Over 60% of men are suffering from Lowsperm count, Azoospermia, bad sperm motility.
This recipe is for Lowsperm count.
1️⃣Ogede Agbaba
2️⃣ AFATO also known as IGI OGBOLO
3️⃣ ERU also known as FENUGREEK
When preparing this recipe don’t prepare at night but in the morning and don’t talk to anybody while doing it.
Cut just a bunch of OGEDE AGBAGBA into a keg, get lots of AFATO. Peel the skin and cut into keg.
Blend your ERU into powder and add 1 tablespoon.
Soak the mixture for 3 days.
How to Use
Drink it morning and night with raw egg or milk, and avoid sex for 2 weeks.
After 2 weeks just have sex with your woman she will get pregnant and forget anything lowsperm count again.
“Even if you urinate on a tree the tree will get pregnant.”
Tested and Trusted 👍
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