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I grew up seeing my parents going to work and never in life heard for once on the radio or television sets that the government had paid them their monthly emoluments. The only way I would know was that my dad would have attended to our needs at the market before coming home.

Over the years, this had always been the trend as no one would make noise when going to work for the government to earn a living. You work and by the end of the month, without any noise, you would get what is due to you.

The politics of making noise when salaries are paid started during the last recession witnessed by the country. This was when civil servants were owed months of salaries leading to irregular payment. While the situation then was worrisome, any payment made by the government would attract noise on various media (both electronic, print and social media).

The ugly trend, despite its danger has become a norm. The dangers attached are enormous as it is easier for men of the underworld to know when to trail civil servants; creditors knowing when to trail their debtors; family and friends helping you to do your calculation among others. Infact, civil servants have been kidnapped when it is heard that salary has dropped.

It is high time the government stopped this abnormal trend. If civil servants are not making noise when going to work, when they receive salaries should not become a media debate. We must ensure sanity and be civilized on issues relating to workers, particularly the civil servants. I hope government at all levels would look into this and put a stop to it.

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Wale Adeoye writes from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria