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An Ekiti-born Ibadan-based legal practitioner, Taiwo Tunde Okunola Esq., was docked by Chief Magistrate Court 2, Iwo Road Ibadan, Oyo State, on Friday, 8th September 2023 for offense related to forcible entry of private land, malicious damage of property and breach of public peace.


It is understood by this news agency that, the legal practitioner, Taiwo Tunde Okunola Esq., has been unofficially alleged of aiding some hoodlums or otherwise known as land grabbers in Ibadan for various malicious actions and activities.

Lawyer Land Grabbing

The docked lawyer, Okunlola, was said to sometime in March 2021 reported to have allegedly engaged the services of unknown land grabbers who forcefully and illegally entered into a property belonging to Mr. Victor Aganga at Akobo Area, Ibadan. 


They, after the illegal invasion, destroy amenities worth millions of naira on the said property.


Kindly recall as well that, the activities of land grabbers have become a thing of concern in oyo state recently, as the government has been trying to clean them off this activity that is hindering the development of the state, and chasing away developers and investors from bringing their investment in the state.

Law Land Grabbing

From findings, it was reported that there was a house built in one of the lands forcefully grabbed or hijacked from the owner and allegedly linked to lawyer in question above. The land, according to information, was said to be a subject of litigation in the Court of Appeal.


The court in a four count-charge against Mr. Taiwo Tunde Okunola Esq., ruled that he has contravened and committed an offense contrary to Section 517 of the Criminal Code CAP38 Vol. 2, laws of Oyo State 2000.

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The case was later adjourned to October 18th, 2023 for further hearing.