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Political fortune is often deceptive. It parades itself in many ways to cage it’s victims. It pretends to be friendly to those it intends to cheat. Those it is primed to cheat, it offers “worthless gift’. But a wise one looks on to pursue his goal without any distraction.

The above narrative formed the nucleus of our discussion in a forum yesterday when someone raised the issue of a candidate of a party  winning governorship award in the social media radar. The amazing side of the story is  the way they are celebrating the award that does not worth more than the plague it’s made of as if that really portends to electoral victory. How foolish can a man be who cuts his vine branches in the spring when Bacchus brings its fruit in the autumn. Is that not equal to a man building a sand castle and hope to luxuriate in it’s comfy settings thereafter. Tell me what brings a vague hope than the flower that blossom in the spring?

When the call came to us at Penkelemesi Team to bombard the link to nominate our principal for the award using different identities to boost his chance, I laughed . For one, Oloye Bayo Adelabu believes that nothing in the realm of providence is left to chance. He is often proud of his achievements because they are attained through a rigorous academic exercise and painstaking years of job experience and meritorious service. This forms the pillar on which Adelabu’s “self identity ” is built. He is what a Scottish philosopher David Hume calls “a pragmatist who never strive to make ideals real.”

Contrasted with the political idealist celebrating victory in the air, Oloye Adelabu Adebayo is a  rational leader who never submits himself to the foul ruins of lust. The real, F Hegel assets, is rational.

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The difference is always in the nature of the struggle. Whilst the opposition elements are losing the race against time by spending every minute of the hours hurling abuses on the person of Oloye Adelabu, – “the political accelerator “and the incumbent governor, –  the “political Pathfinder,” we remain focussed in fashioning ways to build on the existing capacities.

We don’t only build on the solid structure emplaced by Governor Ajimobi, we set new agenda for action through our seven thematic focal points of all round transformation. This is what Oloye Adelabu in a recent interview explained as the imperative of continuity and consistency.

Beyond that, we aim at identifying constraints clinically and manage development effectively. Our governor – to -be (by God’s grace)  is always brimming with novel ideas to put Oyo state on the epicenter of the national Atlas. We put in our  plans a time – bound realistic target that will trigger robust economic growth and equal opportunity for all. We are building our castle on the ground, not in the air. Oloye Adelabu Adebayo is going to shock the bookmakers by building a  grassroots communication and advocacy strategy that will push governance into the treshold of the people.

We  will embark on effectual (Environmental impact Assessment EIA). We don’t want a population surge without it’s corresponding boon. We are set to create job, tackle insecurity problems, increase food supply chain, improve the health system, provide free but quality education, diversify from oil economy to Agric transformation and mining .
Put in place a more caring and safer communities through effective policing. We will also  unlock our tourism potentials and enhance our transportation system. Tell me how can we be working round the clock to put all these plans on ground and still have the luxury of online voting.? We don’t misplace our priorities.

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In Penkelemesi Camp, we don’t settle for media merits, we are tirelessly moving to the NEXT LEVEL of how to walk our noble  plans. You can see the contradiction between their political idealism which is impression – based and our own political realism which is people’s – centered and unfalsifiable.

And at the point where their self glorification which is now making them happy ends, the impotence which makes them miserable begins. At that crucial period, the silent  electorates whose votes will count would have made their wise choice to move on to the NEXT LEVEL. Then it will dawn on the impressionable challengers that votes counted on social media never count. That’s the point that demarcates prosperity of power from power of prosperity.

O ma Penkele serious.
Ileri Oluwa Ni.

We wish you all a Happy New Year in advance.
Gbogbo wa la maa De Bayo Ni 2019.