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‘Bayo Adelabu, a philantophist, banker of high repute, modern developer and democrat cum builder, a bridging-bridger and a true ambassador of the youthful world. Not long ago, the veil of Bayo Adelabu Foundation (BAF) Skills Acquisition Centre was unofficially brought up on media and was embraced by all with enthusiastic spirit of acceptability, owing to the impact it will definitely make on entirety of humanity either directly or the other way. And as Abdul-Rushin exhort in his writing and which can be interpreted as, good thoughts are not just popping up freely for emissary of empty signal but for the advancements of common man in a common society.

Of course vision, knowledge, creativity and relevant personal traits are those alluring and enduring qualities of a good entrepreneur, of which that kind believe and traits are found in Bayo Adelabu, and thus prompted him to make a  needful sacrifice in contributing to the betterment of his cultural society through entrepreneurial development, and which is critical for the redemption of our current economic status.  As experts put when dissecting the cross-cultural competence relations of entrepreneurial skills acquisition; proactivity is the key in forming an entrepreneurial base of a society economy, and which is practically pointing to how an individual/group does things before being forced/asked to do by occurrence of events, and confronting people’s problems by letting them know what they have to do in making such problems solved, and that can only be done by a time and courageous man, who doesn’t only think anyway but thinks big, and making the society big in his thinking like ‘Bayo Adelabu, the founder of Bayo Adelabu Foundation (BAF).

Thus, ‘Bayo Adelabu has been proving the mettle of his readiness to take charge of the system in making a landslide history of why the stage should be left for the active youths, without minding the negative wanes of those ‘old wine’ who are refusing to leave the table for the freshly produce wine.

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Meanwhile, youthful rejuvenation into governance is a core and strong advocacy that all should embrace. As Tobi (a strong advocate of TeamPenkelemesi) asserts not long ago that, Nigerian youths are living the future of the past already, and it is a more multifarious world now remember, and challenges are even more wholly immeasurable. His assertion further reads, ‘we are there, the new youth is alive and ripe for leadership, we have shown our unlimited capacity in as much as many aspects of life’. And being young doesn’t make us irresponsible, but rather gives us the opportunity of seeing and solving problems from a fresh and new direction, and that will greatly represent PEOPLE’S INTEREST.

Verily, there are many active youths outside there who are rightly qualified to be manning one or the other affairs of our dear state and country, but all cannot be there, and the available best needs to be voted into the system so as to represent the PEOPLE’S INTEREST as we are in the arch period that demanded a shift in paradigm, and Bayo Adelabu is making the paradigm shift as he is capable age-wise, experience-wise and with his wide range garnered experience overtime of working from both public and private sectors, and someone like that is needed for the rebirth of modern Oyo state in PEOPLE’S INTEREST.

IN PEOPLE’S INTEREST, ride on and keep the flag flying, the Agbaakin Parakoyi of Ibadanland and DG CBN, Chief Adebayo Adekola Adelabu.

Akintunde Yusuf Akinloye
Serving Corp Member, Ogun State.