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Osunfunke took Fadeyi’s grandchild home, she called him Aderopo as a substitute for her  stolen and lost baby, apparently she had no choice. But at least people knew she had a child of her own. She was no longer a cursed barren woman she used to be in the past, she was indeed happy.

But on the other side, Orisabunmi, Osunfunke’s biological child, was in custody of the couple gnomes, Toromogbe and Owo-otori, inside the forest, she was nurtured to be a superbeing as she grew up among the gnomes in the wide and learned their mystical supernatural ways of life.

Time come and gone; season blossomed and withered…,Fadeyi Oloro became more vicious, more belligerently deadlier, as he never thought twice to afflict the people of his community with all kinds of plagues and diseases he wished to evoke on them at anytime even at slight provocation.

Fadeyi had had his hand full of the blood of the defenceless people of his town. Fa’atunde, his son, took after his father. Fa’atunde was beaten up at the stream one day for disrespecting the older men he met there, he went home crying, his father gave him a hot ring and he worn on one of his finger for vengeful missions., the hot ring didn’t do much but crippled his opponents one by one.

Fadeyi Oloro became more deadlier, he pulled babies from the backs of their mothers in the marketplace in broad daylight and used them for charms, he became a dreadful poisonous GORGON, he always referred to himself as:
Eni mo o ko’o, (He who knows never met him)
Eni ko’o o mo, (He who meets never knew him)

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One of the most pitiful wickedness he wreaked was the intrigued killing of Oloye Shasere.

One day Fadeyi eavesdropped Oloye Shasere despising him in the palace, he left for home without being noticed, and the evil scheming began. He later went to Oloye Shasere’s house later in the day and informed him he would be given his daughter’s hand, Fafunke, in marriage to him for free. In fact Fadeyi Oloro wanted the wedding to come up as soon as possible. What a free gift, Shasere thought, but never knew the gift was a bobby trap. The wedding must come up on the same day. Oloye Shasere never knew what Fadeyi had in his mind.

When Fadeyi was leaving, Oloye Shasere gave him a big colanut wrapped in cocoyam leaf as his visit’s partying gift. Fadeyi did not eat the colanut but kept it somewhere when he got home on that day.

On the same day, Fadeyi laced the bride, his own daughter, with MAGUN (A deadly charm, also known as THUNDERBOLT.., that is placed mostly on women, which will kill instantly whoever that have sexual relation with the carrier), Fafunke never knew she carried a death on her body for her husband-to-be. Like a innocent suicide bomber, she carried a parcel bomb as a wedding gift for her instant lover, but she never knew she did.

Later on the same day during the wedding party, Fadeyi Oloro went to Oloye Shasere’s house to despatch all the rejoicing family and friends.., so the new couple could hence start their honeymoon.

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Oloye Shasere went behind the closet with his beloved bride not knowing trouble was lurching in the dark, and in a moment, there was a loud wailing from the darkest part of the inner room, Oloye Shasere was jerking uncontrollably like someone inflicted with a perpetual hiccup, he positioned himself in the midst of the crowd who had heard Fafunke’s wailing, and in their presence Oloye Shasere skillfully twisted his body like in acrobatic summersault which he could not have done without being under influence, he did it second time and at the third with a loud cock-like crow he knocked on the heaven’s door, and in no time, the wedding party came to an abrupt end.

The news of a bridegroom that collapsed on the wedding day spread across the town like a wide fire in the harmattan. A concerned chief, Oloye Akogun, rushed to Fadeyi’s house for any possible antidote to rescue Oloye Shasere, Fadeyi handed to him a gift of colanut which Shasere gave him earlier on the day. The colanut should be chewed by Oloye Akogun while reciting incantation to bring Shasere back to life, Fadeyi sarcastically instructed him.

But surprisingly, when the colanut was checked  by Fadeyi before the arrival of Oloye Akogun, it already turned black and dried, meaning that, Oloye Shasere had earlier wished to poison and kill Fadeyi that very day

Indeed the colanut was a purposeful poison to kill Fadeyi. Had Fadeyi eaten the colanut that moment, he would have been dead even before the arranged wedding took place at all.


Fadeyi simply took back his daughter and that was the end of Oloye Shasere. Eni ya ra l’ogun ngbe, he said.

Oladele Idowu Joseph