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Ifedolapo Yejide Esan, Legal Practitioner and Educationist, and a member of the Oyo APC has in her reaction to a news emanated from Oke-ogun pro-group in response to her recent open call on President Bola Tinubu on the purported rumor of appointing the iseyin-born legal silk, Ahmed Raji, and the need not to rob the face of the party with a peppery balm.
Yejide in her counter reaction to the TOPS explained the motive behind her open call, and the calls she has received about three responses and several untamed outbursts to just one letter that she put out.
In her own reaction, she said “I have a few points I would like to highlight, so kindly pardon me in advance with my sequencing.
Hatchet Job”
“I would like to clearly state that using the word job and qualifying it with the adjective hatchet is far from me.”
“My write up was in no way to attack the person of Ahmed Raji, Learned Silk that i respect so much or the people of Iseyin, therefore I speak in support of no one but in fairness.”
“If you know me well, which I doubt and you are about to, you will know that I stand firmly and unshaken on what I believe in.”
“Though heavens may fall let justice be done, and justice is truth, fairness and equity.”
“With civility, I respond to this grievous allegation by the persons of Hon. Adewuyi Philip Adetunji and Hon. Sanusi Rafiu Adediran with phone numbers 07068588138 and 09065448863 respectively that I want to instigate other towns against Iseyin is untrue, as my write up with utmost civility described Iseyin people as beautiful and wonderful people and the Learned Silk as an accomplished legal practitioner in his specific areas of practices.”
“Despite my respect for Ahmed Raji SAN, the fact remains that across Oyo APC, he is unappealing as a soothing candidate and also not a card-carrying member of our party.”
“Also, Iseyin holds on to the 3rd Arm of Government, a whole chuck of Nigeria in Iseyin’s palms, which is the Judiciary, in person of my Father, Mr Justice Ariwoola, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, that’s more than enough.”
“I am well aware that my Lord Justice in equity, fairness and independence of the Judiciary will somewhat agree with me that it would be dastardly to have a CJN from Iseyin and also a rumored Attorney General of the Federation or even a Minister of any of the ministries.”
The optics cast aspersions on the Judiciary, a mudsling on Nigeria.
It will not look too good, an eyesore, should that happen.
Constitute Danger to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
This was never mentioned in my earlier write up. I merely questioned where the loyalty of Ahmed Raji SAN will lie which will at all times be needed by the Executive Arm of Government, but the proximity of lineage and ascension puts one into doubts.
Alhaji Ahmed Raji’s participation in electoral processes as Resident Electoral Commissioner in various states at various times is highly commendable and I envy such services to one’s country.
Nevertheless, Oyo APC is fragile, severally mended along its broken lines and not looking like its old self, or a beautifying urn, we need a person who will cut across board and all divides and heal where it hurts the most in Oyo APC.
We need a familiar face who keys into our common goal and I suppose that is not too much to ask for as young people in this party.
Financing Party Projects
It is pertinent that I must commend the benevolent acts of Alhaji Ahmed Raji SAN se mentioned by Hon. Adewuyi Philip Adetunji and Hon. Sanusi Rafiu Adediran, even though this does not equate party membership.
In this instance, there is a long list of party financiers who lend their support from APC to PDP to SDO simultaneously, all at once.
Although it’s a kind gesture, in the political setting, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.
It’s mere NAIRABET.
I will penultimately state that the I’m not against any Oke-Ogun indigene becoming a Minister, as the President had his prerogative, but there are other Oke-Ogun towns asides Iseyin.
I have nothing against Iseyin but strong affiliations in Oke-Ogun traditional councils even with Iseyin itself.
Iseyin is home and family to me, but equity and conscience will not justify I turn a blind eye.
Lastly, I advise the Duo, in persons of the chairman and secretary of TOPS Oke-Ogun to refrain from using untoward words when conveying their messages to the world, it has a way of watering down one’s point, except one is truly devoid of points, then one can resort to use of such words.
It also makes one’s essay reek of desperation as a blog called thechroniclerneespaper.com allegedly published yesterday that Alhaji Ahmed Raji SAN said he is not desperate for a Ministerial appointment, which has now been pulled down.
Pulling down such a post displays desperation by the poster and those behind it.
All in all, I look forward to a fruitful and United Oyo state APC.
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